We Support Destination Tags for XRP Wallets!

JetPay™ is an online service, that allows members to make jetPay's (human readable ID's for XRP wallets) for an annual subscription fee.

We offer two options at the moment. You can sign up for one year at half price ($14.99). This option will allow you to make up to 2 jetPay's for 2 different XRP wallets. OR, you can try out JetPay™ for 30 days at the price of $2.99 . This second option allows you to create only 1 jetPay. But act fast! Both of these options are only being offered for a limited time.

JetPay™ is not a cryptocurrency exchange. You cannot buy and sell XRP, or any other crypto token on our site. We are not a wallet application. You cannot store crypto on our site. As a result, no private keys for crypto wallets are stored on our site. Furthermore, you do not need private wallet keys to create a jetPay and assign it to a wallet address. A jetPay is an identifier that makes transacting in crypto currency easier. Since it gives your wallet an easy to remember name, that you choose. So instead of having to remember a long, case-sensitive wallet address like: rNvT4nXjyQn4boReSeqJARf9jVq9R7xwvv, you can simply say: payments$jetpay.cloud. ( *This jetPay works. you can check it on XRP Scan.)

At the present time, sending money - especially internationally, is difficult and expensive. JetPay™ is based on the premise that sending money should be as easy as sending an email. At JetPay™, we are doing our part to help bring about this change. And with the onset of satellite internet, coupled with ever increasing crypto awareness and adoption, soon anyone will be able to send instantaneous, inexpensive payments and transfers, anywhere in the world. The Global Fintech Revolution has begun! Sign up!

Disclaimer: JetPay™ is based on open source software called "Paystring", which was introduced by the Ripple Company, and Paystring.org. We are not part of the Ripple Company. Nor are we part of Paystring.org. Although our former brand and platform (PayID.cloud) did play a significant role in building public awareness for paystring (formerly payid) technology, and XRP as well. We are an independent organization. And we aim to have a positive impact on the cryptocurrency ecosystem by facilitating the creation, and therefore the use, of jetPay's as a form of sending and receiving XRP cryptocurrency. Follow JetPay™ on Twitter @JetPayXRP for up to the minute info. We look forward to being your paystring provider.

JetPay.cloud - Human Readable ID's for XRP Wallets

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